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I love how you made those two. Hanzo and Sariatu looked so cool and I can see Hanzo being so sweet to actually see a warrior and a good...

This is beautiful fits the story of a modern Kubo where his parents never died. I see you gave him a t-shirt to represent his robe in t...

This is a really cute picture you made for Asgore. The colors of his armor contrasting to his natural white fur does make him stand out...

by EvArts

This guy does have an interesting color scheme and he does look shifty, which would make him and color very unique. Love how you make s...

by EvArts

This is such a brilliant artwork you made there. Love the layers, and the shading and lighting, and love his expression, it is like he ...

These are the critiques I say on this awesome website. Check them out if you like.

Newest Deviations

Art commission for Elbeno62 by boo-boo-kitty-108 Art commission for Elbeno62 :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 16 10 Skylar request by boo-boo-kitty-108 Skylar request :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 12 10 Zero the racer pup by boo-boo-kitty-108 Zero the racer pup :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 14 12 Shadow Storm the Malevolander. by boo-boo-kitty-108 Shadow Storm the Malevolander. :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 17 46 Sparkling Skies the goblin by boo-boo-kitty-108 Sparkling Skies the goblin :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 10 53
Toonstruck story: Fight for freedom and uniqueness
While I was out studyin Toonstruck with Rose and Shadow Storm, we come across the President of Zanydu, Dawn Doe Deer, the most craziest and most wisecracking leader of the island.
"Princess we need you, Drew and Flux over here!" She says with her usual zany flair. She is, obliviously, a doe deer with many vibrant colors to represent her colorful and insane personality. From Pastel, to metallic, to neon, to electric, she is mainly desert yellow, neon green, and wild orange, with hints of other colors. She has a crown and supuit that goes with her wild outfit that makes her look like a party animal crossed with a crazed musician and hyper fangirl clumped into a deer.
"What is it?" I asked her, a Rose was getting worried. "Did someone got lost?" She asked, in a calm but concerned manner. "We're in deep duty!" She yelled, "A giant weird figure wearing a suit is trying to suck the fun out of Zanydu and Malevolands creepy ways of cruelty. Trying to make it cute!" She makes a disgusted face.
:iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 4 23
How to ruin the moment comically
This is an original idea I just made right now.
Shadow Storm is finally happy for she found a place to calm her nerves in her dark home of the Melavolands.
she sighed, now she can sing with out people scoulding her for liking My Little Pony Friendship is magic. Malevolanders have a reputation for cruelty. Zanydunians are fun but extremely reckless. The sweeetest Cutopians are kind, but sappy. Alone time for her. She starts singing a song she was making to describe her favorite shipping. Fluttercord!
She plays her mixtape. She breathed in and finally starts singing as the grass bowed to the winds, and the sweet sounds of birds acted as vocals.
"You know the tale of Beauty and the beast,
But there is a tale you expect the least,
it is a tale of Fluttershy and Discord,
but I call it Fluttercord."
Her voice was so beautiful, it makes the cloud where her legs should be gently make a small breeze to make flowers and leaves fly around gracefully.
"Discord was th
:iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 1 13
Choco the chinchilla by boo-boo-kitty-108 Choco the chinchilla :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 8 38
KES never know. Undertale video parody
For Gr8Finity my friend who introduced me to Fangbone and haleigh426 who introduced me to Toonstruck. Thank you for being my friends. Based off of this.
Melodica: (being levitated by Starry) You can't keep me from my big fan KES forever!
Starry: (levitating her) Girl you are pushing it.
Fangbone: Like a goblin pushing rocks!
Bill: (eating chicken)
KES: Guys?
Haleigh: What is going on?
Joey: Hey Fangbone!
Starry: (drops her)
Kes: I did not know she could fly.
Haleigh: So cool.
Joey: Love it!
Bill: Yeah she can fly....
Fangbone: Like a dragon being levitated by a fairy!
Starry: Or the dragon has wings!
:iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 2 5
Kubo and Hanzo meets Kutaro and Pikarina. by boo-boo-kitty-108 Kubo and Hanzo meets Kutaro and Pikarina. :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 9 23 Keira one of my personas by boo-boo-kitty-108 Keira one of my personas :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 10 40 Rose the flower dog by boo-boo-kitty-108 Rose the flower dog :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 13 68 Sketch-Ito the magic pencil for @epcorethealmighty by boo-boo-kitty-108 Sketch-Ito the magic pencil for @epcorethealmighty :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 4 13 Underwater by boo-boo-kitty-108 Underwater :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 9 13 Moon Queen/Princess Kayla Lightheart and Papyrus by boo-boo-kitty-108 Moon Queen/Princess Kayla Lightheart and Papyrus :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 3 15 Starlit Sky by boo-boo-kitty-108 Starlit Sky :iconboo-boo-kitty-108:boo-boo-kitty-108 6 15


Error 404 Ch1 Pg1 by TredstoneZero Error 404 Ch1 Pg1 :icontredstonezero:TredstoneZero 10 7 :^)  by IllegalKoopas :^) :iconillegalkoopas:IllegalKoopas 3 8 Moon Prince Kubo Redesign by IllegalKoopas Moon Prince Kubo Redesign :iconillegalkoopas:IllegalKoopas 7 5 Koobs and Sach by AdrianImpalaMata Koobs and Sach :iconadrianimpalamata:AdrianImpalaMata 7 7 Kubo by sanglosu Kubo :iconsanglosu:sanglosu 1 0 Buchimonta Screenshot by A-wild-Rin-appeared Buchimonta Screenshot :icona-wild-rin-appeared:A-wild-Rin-appeared 20 0 Mario Odyssey MAYOR PAULINElet's do the Odyssey by Amanomoon Mario Odyssey MAYOR PAULINElet's do the Odyssey :iconamanomoon:Amanomoon 23 2 Kidnapping the wrong princess yet again by kingofthedededes73 Kidnapping the wrong princess yet again :iconkingofthedededes73:kingofthedededes73 18 3 Bowser jr reacts to his mother reveal by kingofthedededes73 Bowser jr reacts to his mother reveal :iconkingofthedededes73:kingofthedededes73 21 30 Some Robot Masters by kirbymariomega Some Robot Masters :iconkirbymariomega:kirbymariomega 11 0 Super Paper Mario by kirbymariomega Super Paper Mario :iconkirbymariomega:kirbymariomega 92 4 Some Super Mario Odyssey Doodles by Nintooner Some Super Mario Odyssey Doodles :iconnintooner:Nintooner 78 1 Dads amirite by wowiealli Dads amirite :iconwowiealli:wowiealli 73 15 Super Mario Odyssey!! by Gumwad201 Super Mario Odyssey!! :icongumwad201:Gumwad201 235 28 Wedding Peach by MrKrazyKupcakes Wedding Peach :iconmrkrazykupcakes:MrKrazyKupcakes 56 0 Royal Wedding by CAMIKOOPA Royal Wedding :iconcamikoopa:CAMIKOOPA 21 14
These are the things I like on this cool website. Feel free to check it out.

Journal History



Well summer is coming and Spring will end on June 21, the same day Summer begins! Olaf will be so happy!Olaf Dance 
Today my family and I went to a sushi shop and I ate a whole bowl of chicken Ubon soup!
This is from haleigh426 and she got this from Mushoormcute64 

This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.

Happy Memorial Weekend! Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I am so excited!
Happy Mother's Day! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy with my mom, bro, and dad and it was awesome!
Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 had been out since May 5 and I wondered if anyone say it. I'm not looking for spoilers, I was just asking.
Mother's Day is on May 14 and Father's Day is on June 18. What you guys doing on those days?
Happy Easter everyone! Hope you all have a lovely day!

Cling to the Cross emote :D easter bunny Easter Bunny Basket Static Easter Bunnytard :Only at Easter: Easter egg Bunny FELLA afford Easter (Universe) Easter Bunny Chick Easter Sini Easter surprise Easter Egg Thief easter egg catch Happy Easter Easter Bunny 
Four those celebrating Easter, Easter Sunday is in 4 days! Yay! What y'all doing this Easter?
Happy Autism Awareness Day everyone! I admire that this day is there to help aware and accept anyone with autism, from the talented artists I met on this site, like haleigh426 KwaziiCat nuii700 princessbreanne and the many other artists, to autistic heroes like Temple Grandin. Hope you guys have a fun Autism Awareness Day!
Well here is what is coming this March.

1. Beauty and the Beast (live 2017) on March 17.
2. Saint Patrick's Day: Also March 17, 2017.
3. Mr. Crocker Day (aka the special Crocker day in an episode of Fairly Odd Parents) March 15. I felt like typing this because: FAIRY GOD PARENTS! ( Fairly Odd Parents emoticon ) it funny!fella Laughing (Reactions) 
3. March 11 is Kids Choice Awards on Nick, and our Samurai Jack season 5.

That's all I got. Also this is National Woman's History Month. Aka the month where we celebrate women like Rebecca Sugar. She created Steven Universe.

Anything else I missed?

Please put in comments below.
The Oscars are here! I just hope Kubo wins! Which movies and actors and actresses should win. Please put in the comments below.
Tagged by potaitlyn 


[x] You have blue/green eyes  (they change depending on the light.)

[] You have freckles 

[] You blush a lot

[X] You giggle

[] You're quiet

[x] You say random things 

[] You have a baby face 

[x] You wear more "down-to-earth" kind of clothing. (Most of the time)

[] You're under 5 feet 6 inches

Total: 4


[x] You're a virgin 

[] Just think of sexual things make you blush (it makes me gag most of the time.)

[x] Your idea of a date is really romantic

[X] You sleep with a stuff animal (used to do it a lot but now it is in occasion)

[x]You like to cuddle 

[] You never played the nervous game  

[x] You don't even now what the nervous game is

Total: 5


[x] You like the color pink 

[x] You tend to wear light color (sometimes light, sometimes dark, but any color is adorable.)

[x] You CAN be ignorant 

[] You consider yourself shy

[x] You like happy, upbeat music 

[x] You like "cutesy" music 

[x] You like small animals

[x] You like babies a lot 

[x] Mini version of things make you go nuts (there so many things that are cute when tiny okay)

Total: 8

total all together: 17

Now take your number and multiple it by 5

Then re-post this as "I'm 85% Cute" 

I tag: haleigh426 CutieJenna princessbreanne 
Tomorrow is President's day and I am excited. I have no school tomorrow but I will have to go to a spirit week at my school. Yay! I love spirit week!
Please spread this. A friend of mine, potaitlyn is being bullied by guys like Firecub and we need to stop this bullying. Please help protect her, report and block the bullies.
I just did a Star Wars reference!

nuii700 tagged me so it is fair I do these questions and ask you guys. Yay.

1. I love Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl.
2. Sometimes I listen to Hamilton the musical songs. They're catchy.
3. I like watching Mysteries at the Museum, Castle, Etc. I like to watch mystery stories.
4. Nostalgia can help me find inspiration for many things.
5. I like Yoshi games.
6. I recently got interested into a game called Samurai Santaro, while looking at it online. Not only is the game interesting, and I like the character's (a child Samurai named Santaro) quest to rescue his love interest, a kidnapped Japanese Princess from an evil onmyouji (Japanese sorcerer), and his animal friends, Ichifuji, and the Nasu Hawk that come with them, but they were made by the same people that made one of my favorite games of all time: Ivy the Kiwi?
7. I get worried for animals and plants who are endangered species.
8. I like to compare certain things to others to see why they are similar and different. Like with Boxtrolls and Despicable Me Minions. The Boxtrolls are more techical Pacifists and definitely more likely to be heroic. Minions are heroic in their own sense and can build things but they fight a lot, and get onto more trouble than ever. Both Boxtrolls are Minions adorable though.
9. I love fairytales and like certain fairy tale parodies.
10. To me, looking at animation is like looking at art.
11. I hope to see the 2018 Olympics on tv next year.
12. I love Kung Fu Panda.
13. I love eco-friendly things.

1. *in a silly voice* what are you looking at?
Just a cute picture of a pikachu, raichu, and pichu.
Yay I am a Pikachu! Pika-chu! (Zaps a bullseye and dances.)
3. do ya like waffles?
Yeah I like Waffles
4. salazzle, primarina, lopunny, or gardevior?
i love them all but I guess Gardevior since she is psychic and pretty.
5. if you have a digimon partner what digimon and why?
Gatomon. I like cats and she is tough.
6. oi your worst enemy took your waifu what weapon would ya pick to battle?
I grab my trusty Hammer and wham the enemy into a pancake! Now my Waifu Princess Lunara from Neopets is saved.
7. what the frog is a sonic?
You mean the one Cat the cat has?
8. fav pokemon in the whole world?
Pikachu obviously and there are a few, Pikachu always wins as my fave.
9. whats a bootleg?
Something where you make a bad copy ripoff of something.
10. opinion on myst my lovely first wife  Myst by nuii700
She is adorable!
11. Opinions on the X-box game recore?
I never heard of it. But I know what X-Box is.
12. Fav soda?
Pepsi right now since I tend to drink it more than Coke-Cola.
13. oh heres a question non has asked before ........ has people aware ........ of the multiverse?
I know of the Multiverse, but I think only a few know. My friend haleigh426 and I know. One place is Toonstruck.

1. You traveled though time. Where are you in time?
2. Omg! It's your fave hero, and they want to hang out with you? Who are they and what do you with them?
3. Fave music genre?
4. Fave book genre?
5. Fave game genre?
6. Fave Holiday?
7. Favorite film of all time?
8. You are now on a quest. What kind of quest is it?
9. Awww there is something so cute in here!
10. Fill in the blanks: "Soon you be, home with me, Once ---- - --------."
11. If you are a guardian of childhood, what do you represent?
12. Oh you are a video game character in the Wreck it Ralph Series! What is your game about?
13. Looks like you are singing in a concert. What song is it?



Hope you all have fun!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

This is from haleigh426 and she got this from Mushoormcute64 

This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if he/she hacks your account. If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked.


boo-boo-kitty-108's Profile Picture
K.E.S. aka K.K.
I am K.E.S aka K.K. and I am an artist and magical girl ready to bring joy to my friends! I can do art request, but I also like to do my own art too. I don't do anything inappropriate.

Best friends: haleigh426 Gr8Finity princessbreanne Laseralphacanine EvArts

real life friends: Laseralphacanine princessbreanne EvArts

Have fun and be creative!


boo-boo-kitty-108 has started a donation pool!
25 / 4,000
I need some points for core membership.

You must be logged in to donate.


Art request commissions.
This is my first Art commission.

5 points for a picture of one oc or canon.

10 points for a picture two ocs or canons.

15 points for a picture three ocs or canons.

20 points for a picture four ocs or canons.

25 points for a picture five ocs or canons.

10 points ifyo want a scene to be made.

Hope everyone has fun. Also I should tell all of you, If you do give me a request, I need the every detail of which oc you use and their reference. 



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